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2018 Monsoon Season

2018 Monsoon Season

The monsoon rains come each year, with flooding and heartache, and it seems to those in Myanmar that the outcome is worsening over time. The rains in Central and Southern Myanmar have shut roads, submerged villages, stranded communities, separated families from their food sources, displaced over 115,000 people and claimed more than 10 lives.

Fedwell Foods has responded.  Over 500,000 meals of Alpha Protein Soup have been purchased by Alpha Foundation, and have been shipped to the affected areas.  The team has responded.  The soup was prepared, then loaded into canoes and distributed to people trying to stay in their flooded homes, with no food source or supply.  The government officials responded with gratitude.  But most importantly, the people affected responded with thankfulness and the hope of waiting out the waters.


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