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Fedwell and Others Helping Many

Partnerships feel so great. Once again Fedwell is involved in feeding nutritious and affordable Alpha Protein Soup to refugee camps in Northern Myanmar.  An organization that works with refugees and the needy have chosen our product to enhance the lives…

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Soup for You!

At the end of March, a fire roared through a slum community in Yangon where Angela and William carry on outreach.  Over 130 homes were destroyed, leaving over 500 people without shelter.  There are safety rules set up for the…

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2018 Monsoon Season

The monsoon rains come each year, with flooding and heartache, and it seems to those in Myanmar that the outcome is worsening over time. The rains in Central and Southern Myanmar have shut roads, submerged villages, stranded communities, separated families…

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“Save Rakhine” Donation

We have received a report on the result of a large food donation of Fedwell product.  Through a private foundation, one million meals have been donated to "Save Rakhine" in Myanmar.  We are so thankful for this opportunity to provide…

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Expansion into Millet

Fedwell Foods needs more Alpha Nutri soup raw product to facilitate the expansion of feeding programs, so say hello to our Millet Training Program.  This is all very exciting, and we are partnering with World Vision, who are already working with…

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Good Neighbours

Our Fedwell Factory was active in their neighbourhood last week.  Our staff and management visited our immediate neighbours and blessed them all with packages of our soup.  Now they can relate to all our hard work!

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