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Fedwell Foods - How It Works

Why We Do What We Do

FedWell Foods exists to serve humanitarian efforts around the world by providing food that is profoundly nutritious, indigenously grown, and highly affordable.

The Food Shortage Issue

FedWell Foods knows that there isn’t a worldwide shortage of food – there is, however, a worldwide shortage of knowledge of how to effectively grow and process food. How are we providing this knowledge?

FedWell Foods operates as a business with a purpose. Using FedWell’s Agricultural Enhancement Program, we educate our Asian indigenous farmers, on ways to increase their crop yield 10 fold — from 1,000 to 10,000 pounds of food per acre on average.

These bounties of crops are then harvested and brought to the FedWell dehydration center. Using custom engineered equipment, the raw produce are cleaned, diced, dehydrated, mixed, professionally packaged, and sent to our partners. Our proprietary dehydration method ensures a long shelf life of richly nutritious food. Once dried, the vegetables are transformed into a delicious soup mix. This much needed food is then transported around the world by dedicated organizations like yours, serving the poorest of the poor.

A key ethos of FedWell is to value the farmers and dehydration center staff by paying a fair wage and providing safe working conditions. This way, not only what we do helps the poor of this world, but also the way in which we do it helps as well.

Profoundly Nutritious, Indigenously Grown, Highly Affordable

Myanmar - Fedwell Food's Flagship Center


Myanmar is the second largest country in Southeast Asia. Formerly known as Burma, it’s situated between Thailand and India with a population well over 6o million people. FedWell’s flagship distribution center is located in this lush country and employs indigenous workers in all levels of management and staff, which helps to stimulate the economy.

Myanmar has tremendous agricultural potential due to the unused land and the number of harvest cycles that can be completed in a single year.  FedWell’s strategy takes full advantage of this potential.

FedWell Foods will be branching out into other centers around the world and are looking for strategic opportunities. Feel free to contact us about this.

Stan Unger

FedWell Foods Founder Stan Unger

Stan Unger has taken his lifetime of business experience as an executive with the Ford Motor Company and as a Real Estate Developer and combined that with his passion to care for suffering children, especially orphans. He has established FedWell Foods in Asia, which utilizes a system of food production that is both unique and scalable. Known for their generosity, Stan and his wife, Dagmar, live in Arizona and British Columbia.

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