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Sweet Potatoes

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Alpha-Nutri Soup bag

Alpha Mashed Sweet Potato

Our nutritionist has endorsed our highly nutritious products as superior and necessary for optimal growth and development of children and has been instrumental in our creation of new products.

Far superior to rice or even regular potatoes for delivering extreme nutrition, the 12-inch long sweet potato is the base ingredient for our most recently developed meal product.

Sweet potatoes contain 100 to 1,600 micrograms (RAE) of vitamin A in every 3.5 ounces—enough, on average, to meet 35% of all vitamin A needs, and in many cases enough to meet over 90% of vitamin A needs from this single food alone.

Sweet potatoes are also high in vitamin B5, B6, thiamin, niacin, and riboflavin.

3-5 grams of fat per meal, in the form of a tablespoon of olive oil, significantly increases the uptake of beta-carotene from sweet potatoes.

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