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Kachin State Need and Response

Do you know much about Kachin State in Myanmar?  Most of us don’t!  This area in Myanmar’s north has many problems.  There has been a civil war since 1961, noted as one of the world’s longest conflicts.  Compounding this tragedy is the fact that international aid groups have been barred from most of the area in the last few years.

Due to this current unrest, there are 8 refugee camps that Fedwell Foods has targeted to receive aid.  There are about 2500 refugees, of which over half are children.  The goal is to target nutrition gaps affecting the most vulnerable, mainly the children, elderly, and pregnant and lactating women.

Dr. Simon Thaung and his Hope Team are leading the transportation and distribution of 500,000 meals. The Fedwell team will visit the camps as well, to instruct on nutrition and cooking techniques.  This will be the love of Jesus Christ in action, as brothers and sisters join together to service this need.

The visits have included a new refugee camp that was only established at the beginning of May.  Now it is the crowded home to over 700 people who were overjoyed to receive our nutritious Alpha Protein Soup.  We are all thankful to the Alpha Foundation for this donation, and we are thankful for the smiles of gratitude, and joy evident on the faces of these troubled people.






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