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Soup For You!

Soup for You!

At the end of March, a fire roared through a slum community in Yangon where Angela and William carry on outreach.  Over 130 homes were destroyed, leaving over 500 people without shelter.  There are safety rules set up for the next month restricting them all from cooking and reconstructing their homes on the property that is technically not theirs.  It is overwhelming to think of the hardship this has brought, even in relation to the hardship they have accepted in their daily lives.

Fedwell Foods has stepped in to provide some of the daily meals they are needing.  Twice a week William and Angela will cook up Fedwell’s Alpha Protein Soup and truck it into the slum. Fedwell provided bowls and spoons for the residents as well, so soup is served to all in need. We have heard from Angela that the soup is very well received, and the people are so thankful.  We are also thankful there are ways to help in these times of tragedy.


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