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Street Kids And “Motorbike Soup Mission”

Street kids and “Motorbike Soup Mission”

God directs each of us uniquely, and we are so glad that Acha Stranger was listening.  Acha is a young woman, who has recently returned with her husband to the impoverished community in Yangon where her father has started a church.  Here she was again impacted by the poverty, and by the number of children that wander the streets during the day.  Acha started getting to know some of the children, and now has 4 areas she frequents.  She has begun to lay out a mat and teach them.  She will teach Sunday School songs and lessons, and also very basic education.

Acha contacted us, enabling Fedwell Foods to supply her with Alpha-Protein Soup.  She has found that the fidgety, inattentive children are able to concentrate and focus after they are given some nutrition.  Transporting the soup is an interesting adventure; her 2 volunteers were able to manage this on a motorbike! We were also able to supply Acha with meals to run a Kids Camp for 120 children in the summer.   To be a part of her mission is humbling.  To spend time with her and these children was hopeful.




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