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When The Orphans Grow Up

When the Orphans Grow Up

FedWell Foods keeps one special group of kids ever before us – the worldwide population of orphans.

Regrettably, this population is growing. UNICEF estimates that there are somewhere between 160 to 210 million orphans in the world today. With no parents to guide them, approximately 30% end up living on the streets or in slums. Many are forced into prostitution and criminal activity just to survive. FedWell’s vision is to help the poor and marginalized orphans to have what all children should experience – love and basic nutritional necessities.

But just because an orphan grows up, it’s not the end of their troubles. So we have created a program to address this.
Whenever we have job opportunities at the FedWell dehydration and distribution centers, we often hire aged-out orphans and vulnerable young adults to work there. This accomplishes 3 main goals:

• This enriches them with a work culture which fosters care and well-being
• The staff can attend training seminars on life skills, basic hygiene, and safe food courses.
• They receive personal development in English and financial management.

These jobs do more than just provide a living. FedWell’s goal is to empower the employees to not only be self-sustaining, but also flourishing — especially orphans as they come of age.

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