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Where Has Fedwell Soup Been Lately?

Where Has Fedwell Soup Been Lately?

A trip to the Myanmar-China border in May gave Selwyn the chance to distribute Alpha Protein Soup to 15 of the 25 IDP camps in the area. These 15 were somewhat accessible, although rough unpaved roads and numerous armed checkpoints made progress slow.
He saw much hardship. There is a lack of support, the working age adults are trying to find any work, mainly resulting in their being cheated, or caught for working illegally. But Selwyn was greeted warmly! Alpha Protein Soup was remembered and they loved it! He was very moved and saddened to witness the struggles and injustice these people are facing, but was thankful God’s love could be shown once again in this suffering.

Our soup also got perfect attendance in our School Feeding Pilot Project as well! A Kindergarten-Grade 7 school in Shan State was provided with soup to feed all 240 children daily.  The students’ health was monitored over the year and all were very pleased with the marked improvements.  Overall health and growth increased dramatically, including less sickness and school absences, with marked improvements in studies and learning. There was enthusiasm to continue the program at least 3 times a week, and to encourage other schools to adopt the program as well.



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